A New Way Of Living: Tiny Houses


Full article originally published on David’s website.

The tiny house movement is changing the way that we live. More and more people are beginning to move away from buying standard homes and are opting to downsize not only their homes but their lives as well.

If you’re not familiar with tiny houses, the term “tiny” is intentional in describing this movement. A standard home may be around 2,600 square feet, but, in order to be officially considered a tiny house, these models can’t exceed more than 400-500 square feet.

The decision to build or purchase a tiny house is a complete lifestyle change. Financial benefits, sustainable living, and the freedom to travel frequently are the most common reasons why people are absorbed into this movement.

Tiny houses may not work for everyone, but they speak towards the issues we face as a society: environmental dangers and immense debt. Even if you can’t feasibly have a tiny house, there is a significant benefit in downsizing your own home and trying to live as sustainably as possible in your own home.


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