Renovation Trends For 2017 That Won’t Break Your Budget

david taran renovation trends for 2017 that won't break your budget blog

Is it time for a location change? Or do you need to upgrade to a more spacious home? If it’s time to sell your current home, there are a few areas where you can make improvements to give your home a better chance of selling.

There are a few trends that potential homebuyers are looking for in 2017. If you think you have to put a lot of money into your home before you sell it, these trends will prove just how wrong that assumption is.

What trends are homeowners looking for in their new dream home?

Houzz’s 40 million active users helped them in identifying these areas that potential homebuyers are looking for in a new home:

Hanging Lights

Pendant lights have been popular fixtures in kitchens for quite some time now, but more homeowners are finding that they also prefer hanging lights in their bedrooms. This eliminates the need for a nightstand, which, admittedly, has become the primary function of a nightstand as of late. The elimination of unnecessary furniture opens up the room and creates a more spacious area.

Wood Accents In Kitchens

Homeowners love the crisp, fresh look of a white kitchen. That is why white cabinets are still a homeowner favorite. But designers are starting to integrate wood accents back into kitchens again and this combination is really starting to take off. If there are any areas where you could do this within your own kitchen, consider doing so.

Kitchen Tiles

Placing an arrangement of tiles between the kitchen sink to the bottoms of cabinets has always been a kitchen staple. But now, some walls in the kitchen are featuring tiles that extend all the way to the ceiling. This design trend may be dependent upon the layout of your kitchen since this look may not work as well across every style of kitchen.

As you can see, these are simple renovations you can make to your home that will appeal to new homebuyers. You wouldn’t need to make all of these changes, but sprucing up an area or two in your current home before you sell it could affect the time that your house remains on the market. The more appealing your home is to new homebuyers, the faster its potential of selling!


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