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The Best California Locales to Raise a Family | Part One | Patch

The Best California Locales to Raise a Family | Part One | Patch

Anyone who knows me, knows I love being able to raise my kids in California. From the swath of outdoor activities and beaches to the the year-round sunshine, what’s not to love? My point is, the golden state is a great place for anyone to live, but people sometimes overlook the fact that it’s an especially great place to start or grow a family.

You can teach your kids to love living active lifestyles without being stunted by the winter blues. You gain access to some of the best schools in the country (a major consideration for any new parent). You also land in an area bustling with opportunity. Are you ready to make a move? Maybe you already live in California, but you’re ready to settle down and start a family. These tips and insights can help you find the perfect place to do just that.

Things to Consider

House hunting is never easy, but that’s only exacerbated when planning it around children. It may be safe enough for a twenty-something, but an industrial loft isn’t usually baby-proofed.

  • Price: I’m not surprising anyone when I say that price is a major deciding factor in any real estate purchase, but especially in an expensive area like California. With the housing market booming, many California neighborhoods come with a steep price tag. I encourage you to look for places that seem to be on the cusp. As an early adopter, you can live in a local hotspot a few years down the line, but pay half the price for your home compared to your neighbor who bought after the neighborhood made headlines.
  • Crime: Equally important — you want to check the crime rate. Is it higher than normal? Has it been rising in the last few years? If your answer is yes to either of these questions — consider that a major red flag. While no one should assume that crime rates and prices run parallel, you do need to commit yourself to some research.
  • Family-Oriented: You found the right home at the right price, but you want to be sure the neighborhood is kid-friendly. Are there other young families on your street? Will you have easy access to local parks or beaches? You want to ask all these questions now so you don’t have to gripe about it later. Also, consider making a few drive-bys at peak times to check your bases. While a seller may mention there are a lot of families in the area, they all may land out of your kids’ age range or keep to themselves. If you investigate for yourself, you’ll have a bit more assurance and peace of mind.

That covers my three main considerations, but obviously, everyone sets a different group of priorities. You can find a more extensive comparison of California areas based on varying factors from WalletHub in this article here.

About the Author: David Taran is a real estate investor based out of California. He is the founder and CEO of Sunstar Capital, where he brings over 26 years of professional experience. David and his company work to build strong foundations between investors in the real estate market to bring about exceptional returns. They specialize in acquiring commercial properties in strategic, high-growth areas to create value through targeted capital improvements and leasing programs.

Originally published at patch.com on May 15, 2018.